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The StrongerRX Story

It's All About Becoming Stronger

Our Vision!

As our founder, I have always wanted to find a way to help others become stronger and better. I envisioned a business that would produce amazing products, that would help athletes become stronger.

From that day, I began to build on that vision. The challenge was how to make products that could help people feel better and stronger. After all, a part of strength is physical, and part emotional. Thus we developed our two-fold concept: give them tools to improve performance, and style to improve their state of mind.

After establishing the basic conceptual goals and operational plan, we started sourcing suppliers that could help us create the products we envisioned. We put together our team of talented business people and designers to develop the product line, and launched production of our unique StrongerRX products.

Regardless of cheap competitive products in the market, our vision was of superior quality from the very beginning. As we introduced our first major product, the first generation StrongerRX workout gloves, the reaction was amazing. Customers loved our unique approach, quality, and value. Today, we are proudly introducing our third-generation gloves, with ever greater durability, and vastly improved performance.

In everything we do, we place emphasis on helping develop a positive mindset. We do this by introducing workout fashion that inspires, motivates, and announces to the world that the wearer is not only becoming stronger, but never gives up for a second! Today, these motivationally inspired clothing products are some of the best sellers in the market.
We decided early on to offer our products online. With our fourth generation website now launched, and extensive product availability on Amazon, StrongerRX is a force to be reckoned with.

As always, we believe in offering the best products at great prices. We stand behind every product we make and every order we ship. After all, these are products we wear and use myself.

We are proud to distribute to over 23 countries around the world. Both direct to consumers and to our network of StrongerRX retailers. If you are interested in volume purchases, or to become a retailer, just drop us an email.

Over the last few years, we have seen that simple vision become a reality. All of us at StrongerRX work very hard for you, and if we can ever do anything better, please let us know. We would not be where we are without you!

Thank you to all those who have purchased and supported our unique StrongerRX brand!


Omar F. Cordero, CWM, MFP
StrongerRx® Worldwide


StrongerRx Brand

StrongerRx is engaged in the development and manufacture of active apparel and fitness accessories for passionate workout consumers worldwide.

We believe that if you have the right tools for your body and mind, you will look good and feel better, and you will become stronger.  This is our philosophy: to ultimately help you become stronger in your workout.

That is what we believe, and ensure that we deliver it in every product, from beginning to end, following that exact thought process.

StrongerRx Mission


We create gear driven by our vision. For our consumers and athletes, we help you perform at the highest level possible. Plus we make products that help you feel great. Every design, every construction - from the stitching to the core materials are made with that mission in mind.

StrongerRX Core Values

    • Deliver an Amazing Experience - never forget your customer
    • Feel the Brand - deliver quality above all else
    • Be Impactful - help your customer achieve their goals
    • Become Stronger Everyday - get better and deliver greatness
    • Create a Championship Team - a powerful team can’t be stopped
    • Inspire the Athlete - help each person make a difference