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Today at 18:21: Congrats to @Ager_Bomb on today's #NPGLDraft #NPGL photo by @eli_xus http://t.co/G8aFtYOpEz
Today at 15:31: Today you can find us at Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale. Make sure to follow @gridleague #NPGL http://t.co/Lesmd5Tu8K
July 9th: Overcome the things you thought you couldn't do. Become Stronger! http://t.co/NgYqj46WHB. http://t.co/1cGeUR6C91
July 8th: Doing a handstand has never made you look better than with the "HSPU" shirt! http://t.co/NgYqj46WHB http://t.co/euD706KISh
July 8th: Today you can find us at @cautioncrossfit, so if you want to Become Stronger make sure to pass by. http://t.co/Glfbs3DuLB
July 7th: RT @Leolifts: Dream big, lift big